Ep 13: Africa’s a sh!thole, America’s a sh!thole, Everywhere’s a sh!thole

Today we discuss the comments of our dear Orange colored President, one whose name shall not be spoken. Do you agree with his shithole comments or not? We also look at other issues that happened during the week.

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Tide Pods - bit.ly/2DlQQKE

HM Diversity Leader - nydn.us/2Dud24s

HM Family Security - fxn.ws/2DrleTc

HM SA - bit.ly/2BbeweU

Gates Foundation Pay Debt - ind.pn/2EQT0hS

Donald Trump Shithole remarks - wapo.st/2DhejZC

Senator Booker Responds - cnn.it/2FKmNtG

Namibia Responds - bit.ly/2mSWAl2

Song of the Week: 
Shatta Wale x Freedom - goo.gl/1m1Ae7

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