Welcome to No Gimmicks Needed RETRO, weekly we have our show No Gimmicks Needed Wrestling Podcast. We have just arrived on this new platform and have a back catalog on our YouTube channel of older topics and PPV reviews. So what better way to share with our new audience then to make a retro show showcasing some our most entertaining older episodes to you. Sit back and we hope you enjoy!

Show Outline:

IC Championship: Chris Jericho vs William Regal - 3:39
Tazz and The APA vs Right to Censor - 5:51
Hardcore Championship: Raven vs Big Show vs Kane - 9:15
European Championship: Eddie Guerrero vs Test - 14:39
Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit - 17:31
Women's Championship: Chyna vs Ivory - 20:36
Shane McMahon vs Vince McMahon - 21:57
TLC for Tag Team Championships: The Dudley Boyz vs E&C vs The Hardy Boyz - 30:41
Gimmick Battle Royal - 34:51
The Undertaker vs Triple H - 36:36
WWE Championship: Stone Cold vs The Rock - 40:07

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