We Create Make Believe...

Spaces Productions is a Philadelphia based multimedia company dedicated to telling diverse stories through audio and  visual mediums. We are the curators for the culture.

It all started when Mark Randall III had an idea in which he could give opinions and feedback about films, tv, music pop culture and current events. With the help of  Derrick K. Darko they started their very first podcast which was dubbed ‘The Midnight Marauders’ because of the love of hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Ever since then the two created Spaces productions and the growth of the content grows each day. With this stepping stone the two broke out of their shell and started to create content for all which gave us the slogan “We create and curate make believe”. We grow and learn everyday not just on the job, but in everyday life. It is always important to be ourselves and that's what we bring to our media.



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